Clifford Dewey Harmon II Baron of Plenderleith

The sword shown on the Shield and the Crest has been owned by the family for many years. The Petitioner has a legal career and the sword has been used countless times in heraldry to represent justice.

Clifford Dewey Harmon II Baron of Plenderleith
Motto - a word or more upon a scroll which in Scotland is usually shown above the crest. Sometimes, in Scotland, a Coat of Arms will show a Motto both above and below the Shield.

Crest - a figure, animal, plant or object affixed to the Helmet. Nowadays, Crests tend to reflect the occupation, hobbies or interests of the Petitioner. It is not necessary to have a crest on a Coat of Arms.

Mantle - a covering that flows from the Helmet. This covering was used by Crusaders journeying to hot climates to shade their armour from the sun. In battle, it inevitably became torn. Over the Centuries, artists have been very keen to use these torn edges in order to create ornate designs.

Wreath - a twisted band composed of the two principal colours shown on the Shield. This band holds the Mantle securely onto the top of the Helm.

Helmet - a covering for protection of the head.

Shield - a device for protection bearing ornamentation for identification. The Shield is the principal element in a Coat of Arms.

The mantling on this painting, at the Petitioner’s request is unusually complicated. The background on the Shield has been further decorated using ‘diaper’. Diaper, is a fine tracery of lines used by heraldic artists over the centuries to embellish blank or unused areas on the Shield. As a feudal baron he sports a particular helmet above the Shield which has 3 gold grilles.