Dingwall Pursuivant in Arms

A Pursuivant is as the name suggests a follower (pursuiver being the French verb to follow) or a Junior Herald. In Scotland at the moment there are three Heralds and three Pursuivants at any given time. There is a pool of six names for Heralds and six names for Pursuivants that can be chosen from once a new officer has been appointed.

I was appointed as Dingwall Pursuivant by Lord Lyon Sellar in June of 2011.

As a Pursuivant, I am authorised to advise and guide Petitioners through the process of obtaining a Grant of Arms or a matriculation.
Also in my capacity as Herald Painter I can produce sketches to be presented to Lyon as initial ideas on the design of new Arms. Once Lyon has signed the Warrant granting Arms, I can also be commissioned to produce artwork suitable for commission of flags, silverware, letter headings and bookplates as illustrated on this website.